Which wife would make the best First Lady?

I’m an upper middle class white man who lives in the suburbs. I voted for Reagan, then Bush Sr., and don’t think any of my friends would ever characterize me as a liberal. But I must admit that this campaign has been a revelation about the Republican party and, particularly, John McCain. I used to admire the man and think he was a genuine American hero, but his current campaign has managed to undo all of those sentiments. After watching his performance in the debates and his stump speeches, I’ve come to the conclusion that he simply is not that bright. He is either instructing his running mate and campaign operatives to run an intensely counter-productive negative campaign against his opponent, or he is going along with their advice to do so. Either way, he’s been making irrational decisions. Watching Michelle Obama last night on CNN was the final straw for me. Could any middle class working Mother possibly think that Cindy McCain, a millonairess, would make a stronger advocate for their causes? Mrs. Obama’s remarks stand in stark contrast to the extreme and overtly hateful accusations made by Mrs. McCain and Gov. Palin, which have been delivered with an incongruous wink and a smile. The McCain/Palin ticket has forgotten that it is talking about a fellow American who is immensely popular in this country, whether it agrees with his politics or not. They don’t seem to care how polarizing their attacks are, or that they might even be inciting some future criminal behavior. To me, this represents the ultimate act of irresponsibility for a politician, and eliminates any chance of this Republican candidate ‘reaching across the aisle’. (IF he does, he may pull back a stump). As far as I’m concerned, in this election, intelligence and calmness trump experience. It’s no contest.



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