Does John McCain suffer from PTSD?

October 17, 2008 at 4:59 pm (John McCain's Psychology) (, , , , )

John McCain was a high-strung young man long before he disappointed his father, Admiral John McCain Jr., with his dismal academic performance at the Naval Academy. Graduating 894th in his class of 899 midshipmen made him a man with something to prove. His short, stocky frame was well-suited to the cramped cockpit of a jet fighter, but it didn’t help him live up to the imposing image he needed, so he over-compensated by being physically tough and taking risks, especially when he flew. At the Academy, he had been a boxer and wrestler who was often in trouble with superior officers. When you put this kind of A-type personality into cruel captivity for five years, take away all of his dignity and torture him into betraying his country’s Code of Conduct, it’s going to do some serious psychological damage that doesn’t just go away. In my opinion, McCain shows all the symptoms of someone suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His manic body language, with constantly clinched fists and jutting thumbs, rapidly blinking eyes, tightly clinched jaw and grimace-like smile are physical manifestations of psychological issues. McCain had a well-earned reputation in the Senate for being ill-tempered and profane, and his inability to control his emotions was painfully evident in the last debate. In the last five years, McCain has also been faced with battling a lethal form of skin cancer, which cannot help but add to his stress levels. It is my belief that John McCain’s erratic choices during his campaign have been an expression of his emotional duress. Even some of his long-time supporters have described him as being “tightly coiled.” Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you have to be somewhat concerned about a man with these issues being put in charge of our country at such a fragile time. Yes, John McCain is a fighter. The problem is that he has been fighting all his life and doesn’t know when to stop.


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