Is Palin a “reformer”?

October 24, 2008 at 3:47 pm (Is Sarah Palin going to "reform" Washington?) (, , , , )

Not even close. She and McCain can use that term over and over again, but it still rings hollow when you look at Palin’s record in Alaska. Cronyism is a disease that George Bush suffered from, and it led to dozens of appointments of totally incompetent bureaucrats to key positions in government. The sole basis for their selection was either friendship or shared ideology. The particular expertise required to do the job they were appointed to do was irrelevant. Palin has suffered from the same condition. If you look at her appointments when she became governor, you can see an all too familiar pattern. One is particularly relevant. Palin’s choice for attorney general, Talis Colberg, stirred considerable controversy. A virtual unknown beyond her circle of friends in Wasilla, Colberg had a private law practice with no partners and little management experience. As attorney general, he now oversees hundreds of legal professionals. Colberg was criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for his handling of the investigation of Palin’s actions involving her ex-brother-in-law– aka “Troopergate”. A Superior Court judge overruled Colberg’s move to block investigative subpoenas in the case. John McCain proudly states that his running mate will reform Washington. Based on her past and present behavior, it is doubtful that this is anything more than another empty campaign slogan designed for most gullible and uninformed voters.


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