The Facts About the Deficit and Obama…

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While it is true that we have added a little under $5 trillion to the debt since Obama took office, it is important (and fair) to remember that most of the massive spending policies implemented by the previous administration did NOT cease to exist the day Obama was inaugurated. The wars, the ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, Medicare Part D (boondoggle for Big Pharma) all continue to contribute to the debt to this day, while adding to the amount of interest that has to be paid on the debt.

The fact is, as a percentage of GDP, new spending by the Obama administration is actually lower than it has been since World War II — lower than the rate of inflation for the past two years. Obama’s actual “new” spending has amounted to about $900 billion over the last 3 years. This, despite the fact that government spending routinely goes up during economic downturns regardless of who is in the White House because more people have to depend on unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps and Medicaid in order to survive.

According to CNN.Money, it has now been determined that more jobs have been created since the economy tanked than were lost. Obama has managed to achieve this net gain in jobs since 2009, despite having to deal with the lowest rated, least productive and most obstructive Congress since the Civil War, not to mention the fact that this country lost more than 50,000 factories between 2000 and 2009.

Mitt Romey’s and Paul Ryan’s plan would cut taxes 20% and allegedly keep those cuts “revenue neutral” by eliminating loopholes and certain deductions which they have both refused to identify. Most economists agree that their tax cuts would cost about $5 trillion over the next 10 years, and they also agree that eliminating every single loophole and write-off would NOT pay for them. In other words, they are making stuff up as they go along, refusing to provide any details because those details would expose the problems with their ideas.

Romney and Ryan also say that they want to “widen the tax base”. There is only one way to interpret this: they want families to start paying federal income tax who have, until now, made too little money to pay any federal income tax. So, according to Romney and Ryan, low income families would be subject to paying taxes they’ve never had to pay before, while the wealthy would get an average of a $250,000/year tax cut.

Obama 2012 –– Because the alternative is UNTHINKABLE!



  1. George Arzente said,

    Hello. Are you the John Johnson related to the Churchill Fin? If so, I would be interested in talking with you. Thank you so much. – George @ Catch Surf

    • JohnRJohnson said,

      George, my family was associated with Churchill between 1947, when they first went into commercial production, and 1980 when my brother sold the company to Kransco (Morey Boogie). We haven’t had any involvement with Churchills since that time and I don’t really know who is making Churchills today. I do know that they haven’t used natural rubber from the US since Kransco stepped in.

  2. Eric said,

    Hello John!! This is off topic, but why did you stop posting on CNN under johnrjohnson?? Your posts are shear genius. Please let me know if you have a new screen name. Again, thanks for all of the wonderful posts!!

    • JohnRJohnson said,

      I am currently (10/18/2013) banned from commenting on articles, no doubt because my comments were being flagged by many right-wingers who didn’t care for the facts I was posting. I’ve been trying to contact CNN and appeal the ban, but CNN Techs are not responding.

      • Eric said,

        Hello once again! It’s a shame cnn turned off the comments on their articles. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your posts. I’ve learned so much from you. Do you recommend any other forums, websites where I can read some intelligent commentary? Any other place that you’ve been commenting? New screen names etc?

      • JohnRJohnson said,

        Hi, Eric. I only post comments on the CNN and Los Angeles Times articles. Right now, my username is Mild-Mannered on the LA Times, and JohnRJohnson on the rare CNN articles that have comments open.

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