Michelle Malkin: A News Source for the Intellectually Impaired

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If you’re looking for unbiased, thoroughly researched information on health care reform that doesn’t have an ideological agenda, you should know what Michelle Malkin’s blog page proudly states:

Comment moderation is turned on. If you support Barack Obama and intend to post comments supportive of him, your post will not be approved! There are probably hundreds of blogs and sites where you can play with the rest of the Obamabots. We don’t drink Kool-aid here.

In other words, Ms. Malkin will not tolerate opposing views, nor will she allow any scrutiny of her ideas. The only comments she permits are those that parrot back her twisted ideology. Have you ever seen Michelle Malkin actually listen to anybody? What kind of people actually believe that this person has any of the facts right? This is a person who has devoted her blog-life to providing whatever disinformation she can about anything that the current administration is trying to do. The lie du jour concerns health care reform. I’ve read through Ms. Malkin’s venomous blogs about so-called “Obamacare”, looking for any factual or objective remarks and can find none. The screamers at the Town Hall meetings are listening to the likes of Malkin and accepting their information without question. Why? One possible answer is that they share the same fundamental belief that a black man is incapable of leading this country. No amount of valid information will convince them that Barack Hussein Obama is anything but a racist, socialist, baby-killing, non-citizen thug who wants to take over their beloved country. This is why we’ve seen such extreme misbehavior at the town hall meetings.

Ms. Malkin refers to health care reform as a “massive entitlement program” that threatens the lives of unborn children and the elderly. She shovels out one half-truth after another, as well as outright lies about reform, saying that it will take $500 billion dollars out of Medicare, and deny essential care to the elderly. She has fed into the blatant lies about “death panels” and that the government would take over all health care under Obama’s plan. Of course, she throws the word “socialist” around as if she has any idea what it means, while ignoring the obvious fact that the government administers two very successful heath care entities already: the Veterans Administration and Medicare. Ms. Malkin has many seniors thinking that they will lose their Medicare coverage, with which they are very happy, and she has posted misleading articles about its financial condition. She implies that the system is on the verge of collapse and that costs will push seniors out of system, conveniently ignoring the fact that excessive health care costs across the board are the primary reason for Medicare’s problems. The entire purpose of health care reform is to lower those costs and bring more people into the system, which would widen the pool of premium payers. Also, Ms. Malkin ignores the fact that a “public option” would create, for the first time, real competition for insurance companies and an incentive to reduce costs. That is capitalism at work, not socialism.

Health care reform has to happen. Too many people can’t afford coverage and simply go bankrupt after paying for life-saving treatments. Many who have no health insurance use hospital emergency rooms as their primary health care provider, which has caused the closing of countless ERs and many hospitals. Ms. Malkin doesn’t mention who pays for all that, i.e. the tax payers. Millions of families lose everything and go bankrupt every year because they can’t afford coverage. Who pays for that? We do. Ms. Malkin also ignores the fact that health care costs are skyrocketing much faster than wages, which keeps pushing coverage beyond the reach of many families.

Ms. Malkin has posted articles which state that the current health care reform under consideration would mean government subsidized abortions. This, of course, conveniently ignores the existence of the Hyde Amendment, which forbids any such thing. But, knowing that abortion is a hot button issue for many people, Michelle Malkin milks it all she can and incites the kind of belligerent protests we’ve all seen at the town hall meetings. (By the way, Ms. Malkin refers to these people as “peaceful town hall protesters”, not realizing that the whole concept of a town hall meeting involves a civil exchange of information, which makes disruptive protests completely inappropriate and counterproductive). The primary objective of Michelle Malkin and other extremist bloggers is to enrich themselves while angering people who are too lazy or ignorant to get the facts on their own. Malkin makes it easy for them to confirm their own distorted and uninformed opinions. Then, these ideological puppets light their torches and head off to the town hall meetings, where they shout down other citizens who are there to learn all they can about the reforms being considered.

The fact is, doing nothing about health care costs will doom our economy. Small businesses will no longer be able to afford providing this all important benefit and fewer people will have any coverage. Medical costs will continue to spiral out of control and personal bankruptcies will increase exponentially as the population ages. Medicare will collapse and the United States will slide even further down the list of infant mortality and life expectancy statistics. Right now, this country ranks 37th in quality of health care. Slovenia has a better system than we do. Yet people who listen to Michelle Malkin are diametrically opposed to reform and say they “just want to be left alone”. These are misinformed, short-sighted tools of an insurance industry which made billions in profits last year and will make even larger profits this year. For-profit health care management has become as dangerous to our health and our economy as any terrorist organization or greedy Wall Street speculator.

The next time you visit Michelle Malkin’s blogs, look for any dissenting opinions which aren’t consistent with her right-wing, ultra conservative, 19th century agenda. You won’t find any. The greatest danger to our democracy is a misinformed, ignorant electorate. Michelle Malkin has made herself part of the problem, while offering no rational solutions. If you think Michelle Malkin speaks the truth, I suggest that you pay a visit to PolitiFact.com, a non-partisan, Pulitzer prize-winning group that is separating fact from fiction in this debate. Opponents of health care reform are the proud winners of several “Pants-On-Fire” awards, which means that they are lying through their teeth. Also, you can visit another site, FactCheck.org, to find out who is lying about what. Finally, the AARP site, which has resisted endorsing any specific reform plan, is an excellent source of unbiased information.



  1. Sherry said,

    Nice article. I’m a fan of politfact too as well as factchecker.com. Malkin is known for her rather poor journalism and one-sided portrayals of “fact.” The far right often limits any discussion on their pieces since they are afraid of real questions.

    • johnrj08 said,

      Only people who have a nefarious agenda want to stifle open discussion through noise and intimidation. Malkin is a mouthpiece for right-wing extremists and insurance industry operatives. I have tried to register on her blog so that I can post opposing views, but her website prevents it. I blame people like her for the disgusting behavior at these Town Hall meetings.

  2. sfcmac said,

    “Only people who have a nefarious agenda want to stifle open discussion through noise and intimidation.”

    Like Obama, the SEIU, and Nancy Pelosi. It’s too easy for you Obamabots to blame Michelle Malkin for American citizens who are fed up with the socialist charlatan who occupies the White House.

    What this “healthcare bill” all boils down to is the government seizing control of our health care. It’s about 1000 pages of mindboggling BS that hasn’t even been read by the very Obama bots eager to sign this socialist monstrosity.

    It’s the Obama regime’s justification for forcing socialized medicine down our throats; the same system which in Canada and Europe, has proven to be an abject failure. The people are taxed to the extreme to pay for an overburdened healthcare system which struggles to maintain even a modicum of quality.

    But you keep suppoting it. The rest of us will fight like hell to keep our right to healthcare and insurance options.


    The Foxhole

    • caraddd said,

      That is well and good for those of you in this country who are lucky enough to have health insurance provided through your employment, or those who earn enough money to pay for their own insurance. This omits a huge section of the population who are not lucky enough to have those kinds of jobs. What I find most interesting is everybody is overlooking the fact that your health care is already strictly controlled by the few HMO conglomerates who make all the decisions about what tests, procedures, and medical treatment you will or will not receive. Those decisions have been out the the doctors control for a very long time. The majority of the people responsible for deciding what test you will be allowed, what procedure you can have do not possess any medical training or background whatsoever. Just because a medical professional orders a test or procedure he/she feels is essential to your health and well-being, does not mean you will get it. Doctors are being forced to spend more and more of their time not treating patients, but engaged in telephone debates with HMO employees trying to convince them that a procedure is necessary, justified, and obtaining the required approval to perform it. Anybody who still believes that your health care is in the hands of your doctor and his trained expertise needs to wake up. The HMO’s in America are managed and ran like any for profit corporation in which the one and only agenda is to maximize profit, and minimize expense. When the health care industry is allowed to become a for profit business nobody wins including those who think they are secure and covered adequately because you have insurance. The truth is 50% of bankruptcies filed in this country are medical bankruptcies, with a very large number of those being filed by people who had health insurance. The average health insurance plan has an 80% coverage policy leaving the insured responsible for 20%. That doesn’t sound too bad if your talking about a 10,000 dollar total medical bill, but with out of control costs, and no limits on what can be charged, that figure wouldn’t buy a person one day in an intensive care unit. What’s more a majority of health insurance policy’s also carry a 1,000,000 lifetime cap on benefit payout. That sounds like a lot of money, most people feel secure in the fact that they would never reach that cap. Sad to say they have a false sense of security. One serious auto accident, or illness and you would be amazed how quickly you are there. It stuns me how many citizens of this country believe that even if you don’t have coverage hospitals are required by law to treat you anyway. You cannot be turned away if you really need medical attention. Not true, they are only required to render treatment in a life or death situation. However hospitals which accept government funds are required to provide a certain amount of treatment free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay. But again, such hospitals are becoming rarer because HMO conglomerates have swallowed them up along with private practices, low-cost clinics, etc. basically every branch of health care that exists. I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and had no health insurance. The utter terror that comes with a cancer diagnosis found in an already advanced stage is devastating enough, but every thing goes into high gear. You have no time to think, immediate surgery is scheduled to remove the tumor, determine how far it has spread, and get started with a 6 month long chemo regimen. Not having insurance did not even worry me because I also believed that since this was life-threatening they were required to treat me. They afternoon before my scheduled surgery I received a phone call from the financial manager of the hospital. She informed me that after reviewing my assets and earnings they had to make the decision that I wasn’t a good financial risk. My surgery was canceled and they were declining to treat me. All they could do for me was give me the name of another doctor I could go to and request treatment. I eventually was treated after a 6 week delay. Who knows how it will go, the story is still being written. Let me point out though, the reason my cancer was not found before it was advanced was because I had no coverage and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. Not, I’m not on welfare, an addict, alcoholic or lazy bum. I am college educated, have worked since the age of 16, paid my taxes, and supported my country in every way possible. I am not advocating the government take control of health care in this country. Especially since they have a very long history of mismanagement, ineptness and a tendency to make things far worse when they are making the rules. I am only saying it is far beyond the time that we, as a civilized nation have a workable efficiently run national health care system in place to insure every American have access to treatment regardless of ability to pay. Taking the profit out of treating our most vulnerable citizens at a time when the are experiencing the most devastating time in their lives they will ever endure, is a major step in the right direction.

      • johnrj08 said,

        I feel that the public option is essential if the objective it to get everybody covered and create an incentive for the insurance industry to reduce costs. As far as I’m concerned, there is no viable argument against the public option, because affordable health care has become a human right. You can’t exclude people just because they’re too poor to pay high premiums, or too ill to be given coverage at all. The idea that medical insurance in this country is a ‘for-profit’ enterprise is obscene. What if we had a for-profit military or for-profit police and fire departments? Would they deny protection to people who didn’t have coverage? Capitalism is a great thing, but the notion that insurance companies should be profit-oriented corporations which pay their executives extravagant bonuses is absolutely idiotic. The profit motive is a basic part of human nature and it has no place in the process of providing health care to the citizens of a country that purports itself to be the greatest super-power in the world. Those who defend the private insurance industry are just ignorant, uninformed and angry that we have a black president. The best possible thing that could happen in this country is that everybody took advantage of the public option for their medical insurance and the private insurance industry withered on the vine. Those companies are run by vampires who are motivated by one thing: greed.

  3. johnrj08 said,

    Thank you for posting this because it is a perfect example of what I was talking about. Nancy Pelosi, who really has little to do with this issue, made one comment about the nature of the loudmouths who are disrupting the town hall meetings. (By the way, she was dead right). Bringing her up in any discussion of the importance of health care reform is just crackpot partisanship.

    Clearly, you and other other opponents of health care reform have no idea what socialism is, even though you throw it around like the red-baiters did during the McCarthy era. The government is “seizing” nothing. They are planning a “public option” to the bloated, for-profit insurance companies, who have been raising premiums and rejecting coverage of anybody who isn’t in perfect health. No doctors, nurses, technicians or therapists will be on the government payroll, and all final decisions about treatment will be between the patient and the health care provider. In a socialized state, all providers would be government employees, beholding to politicians. Nothing of the kind is found in the reform bills. So much for “socialized medicine”.

    The number of pages to the reform bill is daunting but, again, it is totally irrelevant to the issue. So what if it’s 1,000 pages. Have you ever read a big hardbound novel? Health care in a country of +300 million people, many of whom do not want to give up their current coverage or doctor of choice, is a highly complex issue that requires tremendous attention to detail. The Republican plan is 24-pages long. This is an indication of how simplistic and flippant their plan is. 24-pages! It would be funny if so many people like you didn’t mistake a total lack of attention to detail for genius.

    You need to visit PolitiFact.com and have some truths integrated into your thinking on this issue. You’ve been grossly misled and under-informed. Nothing– ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being forced down anybody’s throats, but that’s what the insurance companies and anti-Obama extremists would have you believe. The only way that your coverage could possibly change is if you are covered through a group plan at work and your employer makes a unilateral decision to go to another provider.

    The one thing that Obama’s plan does is give citizens an option which they didn’t have before, which will provide an incentive to insurance companies to become more competitive. THAT, my friend, is capitalism, not socialism. What we have now is a form of corporate socialism, where a small group of very large companies can dictate what will be covered and who will be covered, while continuing to raise rates faster than the growth of wages. If you like that scenario then you need your head examined. I assume you have coverage for a mental disorder.

  4. johnrj08 said,

    Now, if you’re one of those political zombies who refused to accept that Michelle Malkin is an habitual liar, try this:

    Here is just one example of Malkin’s routine reliance on half-truths and outright lies in her book, “Culture of Corruption”.

    In her book, Malkin states categorically that Michelle Obama “was literally born into the Chicago political corruptocracy,” suggesting that because her father was a volunteer precinct captain and held a city job, she had to be a party to cronyism and embraced the practice to get ahead. In fact, the biography of Michelle Obama that Malkin herself cites in making this dubious case argued the exact opposite– that the first lady’s experience in the “powerful political machine” of Richard J. Daley made her and her family “extremely cynical about politics and politicians” until they met Barack Obama. Obama’s political career was pushed in part by a coalition of people who had grown up in opposition to Daley and whose goal was breaking the Machine. Of course, you’ll never read that in a book written by Michelle Malkin.

    The fact is that Michelle Obama’s father, Frank Robinson, worked as a “Precinct Captain” because he no other choice. The majority of people serving as precinct captains did so because their paying jobs depended on it. Robinson, whom Malkin fails to mention suffered with MS, had a family to raise and he did what the political machine demanded. Malkin’s hatchet job conveniently ignores the fact that doing “volunteer” work in Chicago was, in fact, the only way you could get and keep a city job. Anybody who knows anything about the Daley era in Chicago knows this.

    Michelle Malkin’s personal attacks on Michelle Obama are just one example of the kind of innuendo and guilt-by-association tactics that we haven’t seen since the McCarthy era. Every other aspect of this book deals with the subject matter in the same dishonest manner. The only reason any person would spend their time reading this book would be to have their own bigoted, misinformed point of view confirmed.

    The more I learn about this woman, who wasn’t even on my radar until the health care reform debate exploded, the more she disgusts me.

  5. clancop said,

    Outright lies? Michelle Malkin is a liar? Really? Where’s your proof? Of course you don’t have any, facts aren’t your line of work. Where is your proof? You site ONE SOURCE for this article… You’re pathetic…

    Now, let me get this straight, you come to my blog to challenge me, a Canadian, on socialized health care… HAHAHAHA I can’t believe you would be so naive. Tell you what, you want this mess, you take it, and while America messes around with this, we Canadians will move towards private health care…


    There is nothing Michelle Malkin or others have said that I myself can’t support with my own stories of the “horrors” of socialized health care. My father collapsed twice, rushed to hospital… AND WASN’T LOOKED AT! All we know is that his blood pressure was dangerously low, and doctors refused to treat him because he didn’t seem to be in distress. My brother was STARVED by the very hospital that was supposed to fix his broken arm. After delaying for almost a week, and refusing to feed him because of a pending operation, which had been delayed 4 times already, my mother had to bring food in from outside because they wouldn’t give him anything. My mother has been bounced from doctor to doctor for years, and now SHE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM HER DOCTOR’S PATIENT LIST. She suffers from a slew of aches in her legs and back, on top of the her MS…

    I could go on with more stories, each one a piece of evidence to back up EVERTHING Michelle Malkin and others have said about health care reform. You don’t even have links to outside sources to back up your garbage…

    You’re pathetic… Just another drone…

    P.S. Seeing that Culture of Corruption is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, and seeing that scandal after scandal coming out of the White House seems to fuel book sales, you are of a shrinking minority which still refuses to see the light on the wall.


    • johnrj08 said,

      I would challenge anybody who portrayed Michelle Malkin or anything that she has written as anything but pure sophistry and distortion. Her new book is evidence enough of that. Read my previous comment here if you want just one example of her unique style of truth-telling. As far as challenging anyone on “socialized medicine”, I don’t know why I would do that and I certainly have not. I would challenge anybody who thinks that any of the three proposals currently before Congress represent anything close to socialized medicine. The government here would be taking over nothing. No doctor, nurse, technician or therapist would be on the government payroll, and no bureaucrat would stand between the patient and their doctor. The government would be creating and administering a public option element, which is the only way to ensure that all Americans have access to adequate health care. If those people don’t get coverage, we’re going to pay for their care anyway, like we’re doing right now. How anybody can be against something like that defies logic.

      Anecdotal stories about different people’s experience with their health care system aren’t of much use. There are just as many good stories as there are bad ones, in all types of health care systems. My mother-in-law, who is 92, blind and has breast cancer, raves about her Medicare and never has trouble getting in to see her doctor. For the most part, seniors are satisfied with their Medicare coverage, as are their families. In any case, suggestions that any future single-payer plan that might evolve from the public option would be based strictly on the Medicare model are nonsense and a classic scare tactic.

      The fact that “Culture of Corruption” is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list only goes to show how gullible and ignorant the people are who are spending their money on Malkin’s work of fiction. It certainly is not proof that her book has a shred of truth in it, or even that it is well-written. “The Celestine Prophecy” was at the top of that list for months and it is widely regarded as one of the worst novels in literary history. Michelle Malkin is a racist hate-monger who is mortified that a black man is sitting in the White House. She will say and do anything to discredit him and breed distrust in the American people. That is her mission. The fact that you give her any credence at all speaks volumes about the quality of your thinking.

  6. clancop said,

    Oh, and one more thing, PolitiFact as well as FactCheck.org and all these other clones are very selective in how they “check facts”. They are also very selective of what they accept to check for facts. Does it matter to you that these “fact checkers” receive funding from political groups? Non-partisan my ass, especially when the only reason such an organization would exist would be to filter news through their own bias. Wrote a few pieces during the election referring to this, but of course you wouldn’t read them. Probably put your fingers in your ears and simply ignore the evidence…

    No university professors would let you cite one source for a paper, so why should we? Pathetic…

  7. johnrj08 said,

    I approved this comment because it is a great example of how pig-headed some people are when it comes to the health care reform bills being considered in Congress. The idea that you would even admit that you think PolitiFact and FactCheck are biased in their reporting, while you deify Michelle Malkin is ample proof that you have totally lost your objectivity on this issue. It is clear to me that no amount of contrary evidence from any source would break through your cement-like mindset.

    As far as proof about Malkin’s lies is concerned, read my comment here from a couple of days ago. I’m not going to waste my time here repeating myself for someone who thinks they already have all the facts. I did my own research before drawing any conclusions about Malkin. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

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