Michael Steele has it right about abortion. His party doesn’t.

March 12, 2009 at 7:29 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

The Republican Party claims to stand for small government, but that only seems to apply to things like business, tax cuts and the free market. When it comes to more personal issues, such as the right to decide whether or not to continue with an unexpected pregnancy, the GOP demands omnipotence.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Michael Steele, the besieged head of the RNC, made the unforgivable mistake of saying abortion is an “individual choice” and that the issue should be left up to the states to decide. After being bombarded with complaints by fellow Republicans, Steele issued a “clarification” saying he has always been pro-life. An utterly clueless Ken Blackwell, who ran against Steele in his bid for the head of the RNC, advised Steele yesterday to read his Bible and the Constitution, presumably to get his mind right about the evils of abortion. In my opinion, anybody who uses the words “Bible” and “Constitution” in the same sentence is a danger to the republic. Blackwell belongs behind a pulpit, not at the top of a political party.

During the presidential campaign, Obama’s Pro-Choice stand earned him the “baby killer” tag. It didn’t matter that Obama said he was personally opposed to abortion. The problem that Republicans had with him, other than being liberal and black, was that he didn’t want the federal government telling people how to live their lives, especially in regard to this highly personal choice. Steele seems to be in lock-step with President Obama on this issue, even though he is the titular head of the Republican Party.

The fact is, you can be both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, just like Steele and Obama. However, if you’re a Republican, this is unacceptable because you can’t have this important decision left in the hands of unworthy, immoral people, i.e. citizens. Only the federal government is sufficiently righteous to make this choice for us all, because only a few hundred senators and representatives have the spiritual enlightenment and scriptural omniscience to guide us in the direction that is without sin. Makes me want to vomit.

Some Republicans will grudgingly admit that abortion should be lawful in cases of rape and incest, or if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a pregnancy would endanger of the life of the woman. But even these lukewarm believers are attacked by members of their own party for being this “liberal”.

There is no verifiable evidence in science, much less in the Holy Bible, which states unambiguously when a cluster of cells should be considered an “individual”. From my own perspective, the fundamental test for life is self-awareness. Basically, if a group of cells have had no experiences because they lack any ability to remember them, then they have not yet experienced life. And life is 100% experiential. An individual is a person who is continually acquiring experiences and building his or her self-awareness with memory. A newborn is acquiring experience and memories at an incredible rate from the moment he or she comes into THIS world. Even though that’s just my personal opinion, no one can prove me wrong. They can state an opposing view, but that does not amount to proof of anything. That’s the core issue and the primary reason why it doesn’t belong in the political or judicial arena.

With today’s technology, a cell taken from the lining of the intestines has the potential to become a human being. Does this mean that the Republican Party wants to outlaw or insist on government monitoring of the intestinal resections that are routinely done as treatment for colon cancer? The government, and especially the Republican Party, is not sufficiently omniscient to make this decision for every citizen in this country.

If the GOP truly does stand for smaller government, then it could start proving that right now by stepping back from this issue and getting off Michael Steele’s back. He’s got enough trouble already dealing with Rush Limbaugh.


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