Saudi Arabia: The Land of the Clinically Insane

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Most bloggers, including myself, can get fairly verbose. Admittedly, some of my own posts read more like novellas. That’s what comes whenever you feel passionate about a particular subject. But, I must admit that I am clean out of words when it comes to the latest outrage being reported from Saudi Arabia.

In case you hadn’t heard, it involves a 75-year-old women who was arrested by the Saudi “religious police” for having a male guest in her home with no family member to chaperone her. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (no, I’m not making this stuff up) sentenced this elderly woman to 40 lashes. The trauma resulting from that punishment will likely kill this woman. This is Wahabism in all its raging glory. An utterly archaic, misogynistic code that is reflective of the self-loathing and insecurity of many Muslim men.

In this case, the woman pleaded that her guest was her son as prescribed by Islamic law since she had breast-fed him as an infant. The Commission rejected that plea and delivered its verdict in typical, self-righteous fashion. Of course, the man who was visiting this old harlot wasn’t charged with anything, even though he was in her home when the Anti-Sex League knocked on the door. By the way, how did these guardians of virtue know this woman even had a guest? Had they been surveilling her? Were they suspicious that this septogenarian might be luring middle-aged men into her home in order to have wild orgies? And what brave man will carry out this manly sentence?

Wahabism lurks at the core of the worst aspects of Islam. Wahabist-run madrassas are factories that produce an endless supply of angry, represssed young men who have no vested interest in this world. And, of course, they hate the West with a passion that can only find release in acts of terrorism. With Wahabism, we have found a way to turn wonderful, beautiful children into killing machines with no conscience.

The history of Wahabism, which began in 18th century, is riddled with stories of massacres and oppression, focused mostly on other Muslims whom the Wahabists deemed to be “non-Muslim”. It is a rigid, anti-human philosophy that is the invention of one man, Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab. Only takes one maniac to rot the brains of an entire culture for the next 200 years. One of al-Wahhab’s early claims to fame was that he ordered the stoning of an alleged adultress. No doubt, the woman was just trying to escape from the harem of her abusive husband.

That story has a familiar ring to it. Just a couple of weeks ago in New York, Aasiya Z. Hassan was beheaded by her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, because she was seeking a divorce. He had a history of physically abusing her and he decided it was time for an “honor killing”. Al-Wahhab would have been proud of him.

One can’t help but feel pity for the women and young children in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states that sanction their abuse and murder if they dare to violate the archaic, paranoid and anti-social laws. Unfortunately, those who survive this oppression usually come out the other side twisted and angry. And we know who they take that anger out on, don’t we.

OK, I guess that I actually didn’t run out of words.


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  1. Will Rhodes said,

    That is simply beyond belief!

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