Will the real Rush Limbaugh please sit down!

March 1, 2009 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Some people in the so-called conservative blogs seem far too sensitive about what the talking-head commentators on CNN have been saying about Rush Limbaugh, and not sensitive enough about what Limbaugh himself has been saying. Here’s a few factoids about this self-anointed political guru: Limbaugh never studied economics (and he obviously never studied civics, either). Never earned an advanced degree in any subject. In fact, he never earned a college degree, or even an Associate Arts degree. We’re talking high school education here. He never served in the armed forces, nor has he ever held any public office. In fact, he has never served his country, his state, or his hometown in any way. His sole purpose in life has been to demonize his fellow Americans who don’t share his ideology, and make millions in the process. He is the embodiment of conservative excess and self-absorption. This Wally George clone and Joe McCarthy wannabee, discovered his malignant niche in life many years ago when he stumbled upon a pulsating aneurysm of conservative rage in this country. The seething anger of bigots, anti-intellectuals, fascists and various hate groups were coalescing and going mainstream, and Limbaugh endeavored to become their voice. His crowning glory was his recent appearance as the honored guest and orator at CPAC. Taking an hour longer than the 20 minutes he had been allotted, Limbaugh made a high school civics error by attributing a famous line from the Declaration of Independence to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. He also commented that “our creator” endowed us with inalienable rights when, in fact, God was intentionally omitted from the Founders’ documents. It is no small irony that most of his fawning audience didn’t catch these mistakes. I’ve seen this Limbaugh character before, in several old black and white movies. He’s the pot-bellied, sweaty guy in the rumpled white suit who ends up surrounded by a few demented followers in a rundown shack on the outskirts of town, screaming that his enemies and their evil ways are going to bring destruction upon the world. Then the roof caves in.



  1. san said,

    you are so right!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. paul said,

    Well here is are few factoids for you to listen too. Have you studied economics? Have you ever earned an advanced degree in anything? Did you go to college? In addition, who the hell cares about an Associate Arts degree! Unless you’re gay!

    Yes Rush has none of this but he does happen to earn $40 Million a year and have over 20 million people listen to him 5 days a week and even your great lover Obama speaks about Rush every other week.

    Not bad for a guy that has done none of the above things you point out. You on the other hand may have a lot of these degrees but I bet good money you don’t earn anything like Rush does.

    Moreover, I put money on it you be lucky to get over 50 thousand hits on your site. So just because you are nothing but a brain dead jealous retard does not give you the right to act like you are better then he.

    In fact that is the real problem with people like you thinking because you went to college or have a degree you are so much better then every one else. All that makes you is a pompous ass with an empty head of mush!

  3. johnrj08 said,

    Neither Rush Limbaugh’s income nor his popularity has anything to do with the quality of his thinking, political judgment, or the veracity of his statements. There are plenty of examples throughout human history of wealthy, powerful charlatans with big followings who were absolute monsters. So we can scratch those statistics off Limbaugh’s application for Citizen of the Week. Of course, the converse of that is true as well. Just because 99.999% of the country earns signifcantly less than Limbaugh does not mean he is better or smarter than any or all of those people, including myself. And, when the number of hits a person gets on their website is a measure of their character or their intelligence, you be sure and let me know.

    As for your juvenile remarks about me, I’m not the one setting myself up here as the de facto leader of an endangered national party. I’m not the one who pontificates about the president’s policies as if I were a Nobel Prize-winning economist. Limbaugh makes himself fair game for criticism when he waddles up to the soap box and starts calling everybody else names he doesn’t even understand himself. He throws the word “socialist” around, knowing full well that he’s attacking the concept of the government helping the poor. In this way, Limbaugh enthusiastically appeals to the selfishness of the wealthy. If the government provides for the poor during an economic crisis at the expense of the rich, then that’s the evil of creeping socialism and, of course, the death of capitalism. In other words, it’s more important to preserve an ideology than it is to help another human being. Rush Limbaugh is an advocate for the top 5% of the country (or the bottom 5% if you’re talking about generosity). He couldn’t care less about the other 95% of Americans, and one has to wonder, inspite of that, why so many of those people count themselves among his fans.

    You can’t really disagree with the things I’ve posted here because they are indisputable facts about Limbaugh and his background. If you’ve got some credible information on the subject that contradicts what I’ve written here, other than guesses about his income or popularity of his website, I’m sure all three people who visit my blog would love to hear it. (Four, if I count you). 🙂 (Guess I’m up to five now).

    By the way, nobody has said anything about being better than anybody else because they got a graduate degree. That’s your inference, and it is a revealing one. I get that a lot of highly educated people do very stupid things. I also get that absolute morons will occasionally stumble upon an ingenius thought. The issue at hand is that we have an individual here who is setting himself up as an authority on a wide variety of disciplines while he attempts to create an atmosphere of distrust and lack of confidence in the President of the country during a national crisis. Where is his credibility? On what does he base his lambasting of the President other than his own, semi-educated, ideologically driven opinion? And who would choose his opinions over a man who is obviously ten times his intellect? You?

    I rest my case…

    • Kyle said,

      That’s all I have to say.

  4. Cat said,

    johnjr08- Well said

    -and make that five that visit your blog (four if you don’t count the moron)

  5. sheila said,

    You are so correct in your assessment of the drug-addicted Rush! Not only has he spread his toxic opinions on politics, economy and class warfare, but he has spread a very negative view of women. I should know as I married a decent guy in the late 1980s and then he started listening to Rush – his big hero. My decent guy turned into a rabid dittohead who could no longer think for himself. I grew sick of his “talking points” without reason and gave him a choice. Too bad for his family that he “chose” Rush. I wish them both every happiness. I can be sure that this scenario has played out in any number of homes where there is at least one thinking spouse.

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