The Islamic Tradition of Child-Brides is Re-Affirmed in Saudi Arabia

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For some reason, this blog is now being translated to Arabic and posted with Google translates. I don’t know if this is because these statements have angered a few easily angered Muslims, or if many Muslims are actually fed up with some of the archaic traditions in the Mideast. At any rate, this is NOT an anti-Islamic blog. It reflects a sincere response to the things coming out of that part of the world on the world-wide web.

And, yes, the tradition of child-brides IS an Islamic tradition. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, that country’s top cleric, has reasserted Islam’s point of view that it is acceptable for men to marry girls as young as 10 or even 8 years of age. This, of course, comes with the proviso that the man may not have “sex” with his child-bride until she reaches puberty in a few years. How generous. Of course, as we all know, there are many ways to have “sex” without having sex, and the young girl will experience them all within the first weeks of the grotesque nuptials.

This is what happens when a single religious belief system dominates a culture and no opposing views or practical outrage is permitted. The child’s father is basically selling his daughter to satisfy an unpaid debt, and the future husband could use a young wife to be his personal slave. In a stunningly ignorant statement, the Grand Mufti said that those who are opposed to a young girl’s marriage are being “unfair” to her. No doubt, being married at ten years of age will keep her out of mischief, mostly with children her own age, and ensure that she maintains a strict Muslim lifestyle. Of course, this means that she will be totally subjugated by her father/husband, who will control every aspect of her life. In all likelihood, she will remain uneducated and lack any personal freedoms outside of his approvals. For all intents and purposes, her life is over.

The primitive practice of arranged marriages, goes back thousands of years, where a nearby tribe would offer a young girl to the chief of an enemy tribe. This so-called marriage would establish peace between the tribes because they would be bonded together as blood relatives. The price of peace is the child’s future and right to choose. While Mohammed the Prophet was simply reflecting a practice of the society at large when he took on child-brides back in 7th century, the difference is that he sanctified those relationships in his self-made religion. When you have a religion sanctifying a long-practiced behavior, it is easily perpetuated in any culture dominated by that religion. And, as we all know, you can’t argue with a religious fundamentalist who has spent his entire life rationalizing his beliefs and is completely incapable of considering or even understanding an opposing point of view.

This all boils down to codified misogyny, which gives a young girl no other option but to accept her future with a man, who is usually old enough to be her grandfather. He will keep her uneducated, covered from head to toe, and under his complete control as long as he lives. Under extreme circumstances, she may divorce him at some point in the future, but only after severe damage has already been inflicted on her and her life.



  1. johnrj08 said,

    As far as the Grand Mufti’s remark about child-marriage is concerned, what he said stands on its own and requires no interpretation by me or anyone else. He supports it and says that it’s OK with Islam. Well, it’s not OK with most of the civilized world. Also, most of the world is getting the distinct impression that the Qur’an is vague enough on many issues, that just about anybody can come with their own ‘useful’ interpretation of what The Prophet really intended. Certainly, it is a well-known fact that many Muslims can read the Qur’an and see it as a message of peace and tolerance, while others have read the exact same scriptures and used them to justify mayhem and intolerance on a world-wide scale. Imagine you, yourself, trying to convince this Saudi Arabian cleric that he has it all wrong about arranging marriages with 8-year-old children. He’d have you beheaded.

  2. johnrj08 said,

    This is a little too long to go through one point at time. I do have a day-job. But I’ll start with your first comment, which denies that the Qur’an’s ambiguities create a formula for “permanent jihad” and that Islamic violence is directly related to one’s mind and thought and intention”. That is the entire point, Miracle. If someone, such as an insane old cleric, is angry at the world because it is changing too fast for him and he is fearful that his authority is being diminished by an erosion of traditions, he exploits the ambiguities in the Qur’an and uses them to create a terrorist mentality in his followers, most of whom weren’t too happy about their lives to begin with.

    The only way you can convince young men and women to wrap bombs around their waists and blow themselves up in crowded pizzerias is to make them believe that this life, which is a gift from God, is not important and that they will be rewarded in Paradise with all the things their religion has denied them in life if they just do this one ‘blessed’ thing. The belief system is the fundamental ingredient in the process of building a young terrorist. The Qur’an mentions violence and killing in more than 109 of its verses, many of which provide no condition at all other than the victim be a Christian or a Jew, or just a unbeliever. This alleged holy book is largely dedicated to explaining how to conduct war and what methods should be used to kill infidels. Ambiguity in a book such as this, as we have seen so many times in the last 30 years, is a danger to the entire world. While your defense of the Qur’an is admirable, you apparent unwillingness to accept or understand its pernicious impact on the behavior of many of its followers is EXACTLY the point I was making in my first post on this subject. You have your point of view of the Qur’an and you have an answer to every criticism of it, which makes you incapable of connecting a single dot in its close relationship to Islamic extremism and terrorist.

    Your last paragraph is the most worrisome. You seem to place all the blame on what Israel is doing now at Israel’s feet, ignoring the countless provocations that it has received from Hamas over the last 20 years– especially the last 8 years. You blame my ignorance on some ridiculous conspiracy of western media, while you appear to accept as completely accurate the news reports that have been coming out of Gaza, whose media is completely controlled by Hamas. Whom do you think controls all those western media organizations? The Jews? You need to wake up and smell the coffee, Miracle. Until you and other thinking Muslims do, this cycle of violence you refer to is going to go on and on.

    Israel is there to stay. Period. As soon as Palestinians stop listening to the lunatic fringe of Islam and are willing to live in real peace with Israel, the sooner that part of world can focus on improving the lives and minds of its children. As I’ve said, it should be the garden spot of the world, yet it is hell on Earth.

    One more thought I would like to add here, for Miracle and other Muslims who feel that the Qur’an is being unfairly associated with terrorism. Only a naive fool could possibly believe that giving the Palestinian people EVERYTHING they want would end the rantings of clerics calling for Jihad against the West. In fact, Al Qaeda has never really cared about the Palestinian issue unless it could exploit it in recruiting angry young Muslims. A recent and very disturbing report has recently come out of Algeria that more than 40 members of an Al Qaeda training camp were killed when security was breached on a vile of Black Plague which they were developing for use in Europe. The people who are participating in these kinds of activities are not doing it for any political cause. They’re doing it for Allah, because they have been brain-washed into believing that God wants the Mideast purged of all non-Muslims. The Jews, who were there thousands of years before Mohammed was even born, are to be utterly destroyed. Not taken prisoner or converted, but burned. They also believe that it is their mission to convert the world to Islam, even if it’s done under threat of death. These people are not driven by any misguided loyalty to Osama Bin Laden, a Sunni who cares as little for Shiites as he does Americans, or any other so-called leader. These people could not care less whatever concessions Israel might make in seeking peace. They have been conditioned by clerics all their lives to become “martyrs” and that killing an infidel, be they a child, woman or elder, is a blessed act.

  3. johnrj08 said,

    I want to make something clear here. I am not a rubber-stamp for the policies of the Israeli government. They make plenty of terrible mistakes, and their pursuit of settlements in the occupied territories has been unacceptable. But Israel has been a country under siege for the last 50 years. Many Muslim countries, such as Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, do not believe that Israel has a right to exist as a nation. In 1967, Israel was invaded without warning by the Egyptian army. Why? Because Jews could not be permitted to exist in the Middle East. As Hamas continues to state, the presence of Jews in Palestine is “an offense to God”. I see one small country, surrounded by several overtly hostile Muslim nations with much larger populations. If it was not for the support of the United States, Israel would have been over-run decades ago and there would be no Jewish state. Israel makes a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and then the people of Gaza promptly vote a group into power that believes Israel should be destroyed. In that context, the blockade of Gaza was entirely understandable and predictable. Having done nothing to create the belief in the Israeli government that they were interested in peaceful co-existence, the people of Gaza reaped what they had sowed with their vote. And now, weeks after Israel has left Gaza, the rockets continue to be launched. With each one, the people of Israel become more convinced that the blockade was the right thing to do. If you want to live in peace with another country, enjoy open borders, and conduct commerce with them, you don’t do what Hamas has been doing for the last ten years.

  4. johnrj08 said,

    A Saudi judge has recently ruled against the mother of this 8-year-old child and stood by his initial decision to allow the girl’s marriage to a 47-year-old man, which was arranged by the child’s father as a payment for a debt to a “close friend”. The happy groom promised the judge that he would not consummate the marriage until the child reached puberty. What a guy. So, visualize that event, as a +50-year-old smelly, bearded toad climbs on top of a frightened, helpless 11-year-old child and, for all intents and purposes, rapes her. This is what Saudi society is sanctioning. Absolutely savage.

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