A “Humanitarian Corridor” for people with no humanity.

January 7, 2009 at 5:24 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m not talking about the innocent women and children in Gaza who need that aid most, but the Hamas militants who will no doubt be appropriating it. One can’t help but wonder if, given the same scenario, Hamas would allow the existence of such a corridor in order for food and water to get to its enemy during a conflict. Then again, Hamas’ track record for exploiting innocent people has never been a secret.

The double standard being applied to Israel in pro-Palestinian blogs is not a new story. On the one hand, some people accept whatever news comes out of Gaza, knowing that all media in that region is under Hamas’ absolute control, while, on the other hand, they conveniently call every word that comes out of Israel an absolute lie, even though the international press has been free to report anything inside that country for years. At the same time, nobody acknowledges or addresses the indisputable fact that Hamas has been launching thousands of missiles into civilian areas of Israel for that last 8 years, or that Hamas’ stated objective is to wipe Israel off the map. And when innocents in Gaza are killed or injured in this inevitable conflict, they forget that Hamas, like most terrorist organizations, positions its militants in otherwise peaceful neighborhoods, near schools and hospitals. During the recent hudna (cease-fire) Hamas dedicated itself to re-arming and continuing to build its network of weapons caches and tunnels, in a constant state of preparation for a war that they fully intended to provoke.

How do the pro-Palestinian bloggers propose that Israel negotiate any kind of peace or common trust with an adversary like Nizar Rayan? The answer is simple: they don’t. Rayan was typical of Hamas’ leadership. For every story of an Israeli atrocity, there are hundreds of stories about Hamas kidnappings and attacks inside Israel. At this very moment, Hamas is refusing to allow injured Gazans with treatable wounds to be taken to nearby hospitals in Egypt unless that country agrees to allow more arms to be brought across its border into Gaza. A classic example of exploiting innocent people to enable its attacks. This is why Israel has been imposing a blockade on Gaza. Not, as some suggest, because it just wanted to hurt innocent children, etc.

As far as the Palestinian issue is concerned, the Jewish people called the region of Palestine home thousands of years ago. King David and Solomon reigned in Jerusalem more than 1,500 years before Mohammed was born. Following World War II, more Jews lived in Palestine than so-called Palestinians. The Jewish state itself was formed in response to what happened during the war, when many Jews trying to escape Nazi Europe were turned away by other countries. The vast majority of them died in the camps. That’s why there is an Israel today and will be forever more. If the Arab world actually wanted to live in peace with Israel, the people of Gaza would be living in the garden spot of the world. But angry, anti-Israeli Muslims like Nizar Rayan will never allow that. They’re more interested in dead Israelis than in peace.

Are the pro-Palestinians interested in genuine peace? Or is it more important for them to express blind rage at Israel? The answers to those questions is why the Mideast has been in such chaos and poverty for the last half century. You don’t necessarily have to be ignorant, illiterate and anti-semitic to support Hamas. But it sure seems to help.


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