Hamas vs Israel: Which has the most blood on its hands?

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Clearly, the reactions from various leaders around the world calling for an immediate cease-fire are exposing their true anti-Israel sentiments. They would never admit that their own country would do exactly as Israel is doing right now if it had a neighboring country lobbing thousands of missiles into it for the last several years, indiscriminately killing and maiming its own citizens. Most countries wouldn’t even tolerate a neighbor who had missile launchers aimed in its direction. The U.S. was willing to go to war with the U.S.S.R. back in 1961 over the mere presence of missiles in Cuba. Any sovereign country has the right to protect its citizens from an imminent threat. In this case, we’re talking about considerably more than just a threat. It’s a reality.

Hamas has been converting Gaza into a battlefield for the last ten years, constructing a network of tunnels between buildings, as well as to the Egyptian border in order to ensure a continual flow of arms, which have been supplied mostly by Iran. This organization has made it quite clear over the last 20 years that it is more interested in killing Israelis than in preserving the lives of the innocent people in Gaza. That’s why it positions its missile launchers and weapons caches in otherwise peaceful neighborhoods filled with children, hospitals and schools. They crave civilian casualties because they want the Arab world to rise up in outrage and come to their aid.

In simple terms, Hamas’ objective is to ignite a holy war against Israel. It couldn’t care less about Palestinians or the people of Gaza. All it cares about are more dead Israelis. For that reason, any reasonable person would understand that no compromise, concession, or unilateral withdrawal by Israel would bring the violence to an end. Hamas is and always will be a terrorist organization whose stated objective is to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Would you agree to a cease-fire with a government that felt that way about yours? And that’s what Hamas is right now– a government. It was voted into power by the people of Gaza, who all knew Hamas’ agenda toward Israel. Any Gazan who can read or listen to their radio knows how Hamas feels about Israelis. So this operation should be a surprise to none of them.

This is what Nizar Rayan, the recently killed Hamas leader in Gaza, said publicly BEFORE the beginning of this recent conflict: “The only reason to have a hudna (cease-fire) is to prepare yourself for the final battle. We don’t need 50 years to prepare ourselves for the final battle with Israel. There is no chance that true Islam would ever allow a Jewish state to survive in the Muslim Middle East. Israel is an impossibility. It is an offense against God. … You (Jews) are murderers of the prophets and you have closed your ears to the Messenger of Allah. Jews tried to kill the Prophet, peace be unto him. All throughout history, you have stood in opposition to the word of God.”

How do you negotiate any kind of peace with an adversary like Rayan? It’s not possible.

Look at the feeds we’re getting from Gaza and Damascus, showing these slathering, maniacal Hamas leaders spewing murderous determination to continue their alleged holy war. Look at their faces and search for a speck of humanity or an ounce of despair over the deaths of their neighbors, which their own behavior has caused. Their words and tone are all you need to hear to understand what they desire in the black abyss of their hearts. The more death and destruction the better. These animals aren’t even allowing Gazans with treatable injuries to be transferred to nearby hospitals in Egypt until that country agrees to let them bring more arms across that border. If those innocent people die, the blood is on Hamas’ hands. In fact, every drop of blood spilled in this conflict is on Hamas’ and Tehran’s clawed fingers.

The bottom line is, if Israel stops this current offensive anywhere short of eliminating Hamas’ ability to conduct warfare in Gaza, we will all be witnessing this exact same scenario unfold in another year or so. It needs to stop, this time, for good. Sadly, good people are going to be hurt, but that is not Israel’s fault.



  1. maher said,

    you are calling these people animals , and you think that you are the only human , !!! these people , I would like to clarify to you , they are amusing their life under Isreal fire , yes really amusing , what can make them like this , are you paying them money , or wealth , or at least are you even promising them anything , no they rejected all these .
    you compares Isreal and Palistenians as a country and neighbours .no I would like to tell you that you are mistaken , but not stupid . you consider Israel like USA or USSR . no , not at all . Isreal is the cancer that must be taken out of from the healthy body .
    I would like to tell you this day will come , we are sure and belive in this , like what you believe in . Israel will disappear , as long many people are killed 500 is not big number we still belive this

  2. johnrj08 said,

    I approved the above comment by maher just to show the kind of ignorance that the world is dealing with in this situation. Clearly, this person did not read my remarks carefully and is just having a reflexive reaction to my statement which supports Israel’s incursion into Gaza. He makes it pretty clear that he would like to see Israel “disappear”, which is completely consistent with Hamas’ position and the reason that no peace with Hamas is possible. Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the Mideast, where people aren’t imprisoned for criticizing their government and the news isn’t controlled by government officials. Maher takes it on himself to define what I think Israel is, then attacks that wholly inaccurate definition. Since English is not his first language, I’ll assume that’s the reason most of maher’s post is difficult to follow– but his meaning comes through loud and clear. This is another angry Muslim who wants Israel destroyed no matter how many dead civilians it takes. He is too ignorant and intransigent in his thinking to even consider that peace with Israel could make Gaza, the West Bank and the surrounding areas the garden spot of the world. But, alas, peace and prosperity are not maher’s or Hamas’ objectives, and that’s why Hamas needs to be wiped out. Maher, to you I can only say that Israel will always be there and I think you know why. While it has been a less than perfect country in its dealings with the Palestinian issue and its own settlements, it is NOT the reason that the entire world has been dealing with terrorism for that last few decades. Stop acting like a thug and, for once in your life, stop ranting and do some listening.

  3. ranasarac said,

    An open question to those who commit this humanity crime; WHY?
    Of course the ones who commit it know the reason and continue to show every kind of brutality in order to reach their aim.

    The ones who say: “Whatever the reason or the aim is, I won’t change it to HUMAN LIFE!” The whole humanity! No matter what your philosophy of life is, or from whichever belief system or political view you are; say STOP! Because nothing can matter more than human life!

    I’m calling out to the whole citizens of the world. Don’t close your eyes to this historical savageness that even the sincere Jewish people are disturbed of! You can’t say: I didn’t see, hear or know! All of you, how many country ever exists; I invite your people to a “PASSIVE RESISTANCE” in front of the Israeli embassies, consulates and (if there is) national media organizations. Lets get into action for the sake of the “RESPECT OF HUMAN LIFE” without getting into any (physical) clashes with the security forces (police or any) by “never applying to violence”. Let’s perform calm but effective 7/24 non-stop protests with people in rotation. We must do it in every country so that the ones who shut their eyes in purpose happen to have to say it loud and respond about the end of the deaths.

    The key word is “PASSIVE RESISTANCE”. No violence ever! Otherwise we won’t be any different than the murderers that we are protesting. Artists, famous people! You people announce this to the media. It’s only you people who can lead such a protest without being bound to the monopoly of any political idea or organization. Please spread this to the world. Let’s show the world that humanity isn’t dead and that if desired, we can respond in a “HUMAN WAY” with one heart and one voice!


    • johnrj08 said,

      The Jewish people as a whole are repulsed by images of women and children killed or injured in any kind of conflict, be they Jewish or Muslim. It is not as though there is an element within Israel that is blood-thirsty and only wants to kill innocent Palestinians regardless of world-wide condemnation. It has never been the policy or objective of any Israeli government to wipe Palestinians off the face of the Earth because they are “an offense to God”. This, you may recall, is the stated policy of Hamas, which is solely responsible for provoking this conflict. Where have you been for the last 8 years, while Hamas launched missiles into Israeli neighborhoods, killing and maiming randomly. THAT is “historic savageness”. Do you really expect Israel to negotiate in good faith with an organization whose stated goal is the extermination of Israel? All that Hamas did during the last hudna (cease-fire) was re-build its stockpile of missiles and re-dig its collapsed system of tunnels into Egypt in order to ensure a continued flow of weapons from Iran. Since its inception, Hamas has been in a continuing state of preparation for a war which it has always planned to provoke. You are a sadly misguided person. One can argue about the proportionality of Israel’s response to Hamas’ provocation, but the fact is that all war results in civilian loss of the life. Hamas, unlike most civilized nation states, intentionally positions its missile launchers in neighborhoods, near schools and hospitals. Do they do this because they don’t think Israel would dare strike them there? No! They know Israel will defend itself eventually and they invite the response, hoping for civilian casualties. It’s fits into their plan to rally pan-Arab support and ignite a holy war against Israel. All you are doing with your comments is playing into their bloody hands. If you really want peace in Gaza, or the Mideast in general, stop calling for the destruction of Israel and saying it has no right to exist. Show even a speck of willingness to live in peace with Israel and Gaza would be the garden spot of the world. The problem is, too many Muslims are more interested in expressing their hatred than they are in calling for peace.

  4. ranasarac said,

    Oh my,
    How hide the truths and how misdirection:
    “It has never been the policy or objective of any Israeli government to wipe Palestinians off the face of the Earth because they are “an offense to God”.”

    Just look at that lands under occupation MAP:

    It is not an image with photoshop. It is a real map. So, is it not to wipe Palestinians off the face of the Earth? It is massacre for their holy lands.

    “…intentionally positions its missile launchers in neighborhoods, near schools and hospitals.”

    So they can kill the children, bomb the schools and hospitals?

    I would like to say again: “Me and my ideas never support anti-semitism. Never. At the some time, every normal people support anti-zionist and anti-fascism.”

  5. johnrj08 said,

    The occupation has displaced many Palestinians, but it is utterly false to state that Israelis want to kill all Palestinians. Surely, you know that many Palestinians live in Israel. How many Jews live in Gaza? Many Americans are opposed to the settlements, as are many Israelis. Many of those settlements are in violation of Israeli law and the people who are doing it are no better than the Palestinians who want every Jew dead. Don’t confuse the issue.

    It is a well-reported fact that Hamas positions its mortar batteries and missile launchers in the middle of neighborhoods filled with families. They do this to invite attack and generate more casualties. As far as Hamas is concerned, the more dead and injured Palestinians, the angrier the Arab world will get at Israel. The use of human shields is a classic terrorist tactic. When Israel strikes at these areas, it is to take out Hamas weapons, not to kill children. If you believe that Israel’s military strategy includes the intentional killing of innocent people, then you are a lost soul who wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring you in the face.

    Ranasarac, until people start asking themselves if peace is what they really want, there will never be peace in the Mideast. Instead of spending so much energy pointing a finger at Israel and saying that it is the sole culprit in this issue, you might ask yourself what Hamas, Tehran, Damascus, and Hezbollah have done to encourage real peace to that region. As long as Israel feels that the primary objective of most Palestinians is to make war with Israel, this back and forth cycle of violence will continue. Israel will never make peace with any group which denies it has a right to exist.

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