The John McCain campaign: Ignorance in action.

October 19, 2008 at 5:02 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

John McCain has recently implied that Barack Obama is promoting a socialist agenda. I see a few signs in my neighborhood which say “Vote Against Socialism. Vote McCain/Palin.” The ‘big lie’ strategy of the McCain campaign is, sadly, working on some people. McCain, and the few who believe him, don’t even know what socialism is, and they obviously have not read Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”. Smith understood that capital accrues to the wealthy in a capitalistic system. In other words, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. He pointed out that the wealthy should pay proportionally more taxes in order to “cycle” the nation’s capital to bottom end of the economy. And this was long before the emergence of our Middle Class in the late 19th century. McCain and the Republican Party’s economic solutions, which give proportionally greater tax benefits to the upper income sector, including large corporations, ignore Smith’s warning that an expanding lower income segment, or “have nots”, can lead to a caste system and widespread political discontent, not to mention a radical deterioration of the nation’s infrastructure. What John McCain and his intellectually disadvantaged running mate have been saying in the last few days is nothing more than another despicable scare tactic which preys on the ignorance and lack of understanding in the most economically vulnerable members of our society.



  1. Brian C from NV said,

    Here’s the difference between McCain and Oboma. Our money, and the money people make huge corporations right now land in CEO’s laps and in there private jets, parties, yachts, etc. That’s the end of it. McCain wants to give those guys even more tax breaks.

    Oboma wants it to go one step further, and make sure that money, the money companies are earning off American’s backs and by the American workers and give it to our teachers, our fire fighters, our police, our schools, our children, our infrastructure, environmental programs, etc. (all this creating jobs via improved funding thus creating better programs for our future).

    For business to wine because it’s eating into there profit (remember, they are still making huge profits and can afford the boats, the parties, the extra stuff) is unpatriotic, extremely greedy, and not economically friendly to the American people who slave away for them.

    Instead of altering the way they’ve been living in the last eight years, they would rather choose to fire employees instead of loosing the ridiculous extra expenses they have.

    Why would anyone vote for a person who doesn’t want to change the way American’s money gets spent, both in the government, and by corporations who earn there money by us American middle class workers, and as we spend it?

  2. Antha said,

    Thank you for your insiteful post. I’ve been looking for the right words to explain to others why the McCain/Palin accusations against Barack Obama are so groundless.

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