What will happen if John McCain wins?

October 13, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Uncategorized)

According to every poll that’s out there, Barack Obama is headed for victory on November 4th. While the McCain/Palin ticket thrashes about, resorting to Joe McCarthy-like tactics, Obama has led his organization to run one of the smartest, most effective campaigns in U. S. history. Even staunchly Republican pundits admit to seeing the writing on the wall. But anything can happen in these last couple of weeks. What will happen in this country if we wake up on November 5th and turn on the television to see replays of Barack Obama’s late night concession speech? How will our democracy and our citizenry be viewed by a world that had been expecting to see an enlightened America emerge from this contest? How will African-Americans and other people of color feel when they start hearing reports of voter fraud and disenfranchisement in key states? How will the Congress, which will be overwhelmingly democratic, feel about a President-elect who ran such a divisive campaign and his running mate who spent the last two months slurring so-called Washington “insiders”? What kind of turmoil and gridlock will this government be thrown into by this “maverick” who constantly claimed he could “reach across the aisle” but clearly hates everyone who sits there?



  1. Kim Zep said,

    The prospect of McCain as 44 is unthinkable. I can’t begin to imagine a way forward. Strangely, or perhaps not, all the horrors of such an event flood the mind and strangle any glimmer of hope for a progressive outlook.

    Canada will be overrun by immigrants. Us among them, aye?

  2. johnrj08 said,

    Yes, we can only hope that he will not be number “farty-far”. What has amazed me and disappointed me most are the cheering crowds at the Palin rallies. She’s not just ignorant and unethical. She’s divisive as hell. I hold McCain responsible for her being on the ticket and allowing her incendiary rhetoric. Today, she did a call-in on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and she said that the press wants her to be quiet. This is the same person who refuses to give any unscripted interviews to anyone other than Limbaugh or Hannratty on FOX. To me this is probably the biggest reason not to vote for McCain. I think the guy will die or have a disabling stroke during his term of office, and then we’ll be stuck with the Moosehunter and the First Dude. Now, that’s a frightening prospect.

  3. Daniel said,

    If John Mccain wins, the rest assured… Trig Palin will become President in 2020. Welcome to our “idiocracy.”

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