Do you want Todd Palin as your de facto Vice President?

October 13, 2008 at 7:16 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

One thing that was made clear by the recent report out of Alaska is that the First Dude, Todd Palin, considers himself to be part of that state’s government and feels free to behave as if he has some sort of voter mandate. His wife’s failure to restrain his behavior, or her implied support of it amounts to a form of subversion of Alaska’s electoral system. Now, among all of the other reasons to find this candidate unfit for the office she is seeking, we can add her husband, a man who has publicly announced his hatred of the United States government and actively participates in a movement to secede that state from the Union. It has been said that Todd Palin suffers from the hubris of a ‘big fish in a small pond’, throwing his weight around, intimidating public officials, and probably playing a substantial role in his wife’s decisions. It’s one thing to be an “outsider”, but it’s quite another to have this kind of personal agenda influencing or controlling the #2 spot below a man who would be the oldest ever to be inaugurated President. Those staunch Republicans who continue to insist that this woman is qualified in any way to hold national office are putting ideology and their political party ahead of the country.


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